COLB was born in Bologna in 1963 and still continues the family tradition now in its third generation.
All collections of COLB are united by the same philosophy, which is characterized by a balanced mix of tradition and modernity, high quality, creative contribution and originality of each garment.

COLB, which is identified in a target medium / high, is now of seriousness and reliability. Refined leaders dedicated to a very feminine woman, embellished with rhinestones and embroidery that make the product unique in its kind. The COLB collections are dedicated to women who love the elegant lines with exclusive precious details.

The high quality of products is guaranteed by the strong craftsmanship involved in all stages of the production chain: each product is made by hand, with superior craftsmanship techniques, to become, after numerous passages and controls, a unique and recognizable head.

COLB produces from 40 to 60 italian size.

The production is done in the factory in Calderara di Reno (Bologna) and at a small number of specialized laboratories, with which it has established COLB established long-term relationships.

The production and the use of only Italian materials are a guarantee for our customers who are looking for 100% MADE IN ITALY.